The Abstract – Sergeant Scientist: McGill’s Role in Military Research

McGill has a long and fascinating history of pseudo-military research: for example, the CIA conducted extremely damaging experiments on depatterning at the Douglas in the mid-1900s. More recently, you’ve probably seen a few simple grey stickers that attempt to lay out McGill’s current role in military research. These stickers have been created and posted by a group called Demilitarize McGill. This group, active in its most recent incarnation since early 2012, regrouped due to concerns about a possible war in Iran. While this group has adopted the same name that was associated with an effort in 2010 to change the McGill Research Ethics Policy, this group began as a separate entity. “The possibility of an imminent new war certainly played a part in encouraging a few of us to restart the kind of work that Demilitarize McGill had done in 2010,” Demilitarize McGill said via e-mail.  The work that members of this group chose to pursue include filing numerous Access to Information requests (ATIs), which have only recently been resolved. According to Demilitarize McGill, they “submitted access-to-information (ATI) requests [as individuals] to McGill in an effort to further solidify some of the connections we had been able to establish between McGill research and weapons development.”

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