The Abstract – How to Get Into Research

One of the questions that every single student in the Faculty of Science will ask or answer at some point in their undergraduate careers — along with “are you thinking about medical school?,” and “so, we’re sleeping in Burnside tonight, yes?”  —  is “How do you get into a lab?”

The answers to this question are like snowflakes — each one has its own special number of emails sent and blend of luck.  But most of them are based on these three simple steps:

1. Update your CV

Before you can even think about who you want to work with or what you want to do, there is something that EVERY undergraduate should do periodically and that you should do right now: You need to update your CV (or, as maybe you call it, your resumé).  This is your first and best chance to show a PI (principal investigator aka a professor) that you would make a valuable addition to their lab.  CaPS at McGill has several excellent CV workshops that you should absolutely take advantage of, as well as drop-in appointments, where you can get one-on-one advice.”

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