Montreal Gazette

All my work with the Gazette. (Select ink-on-dead-tree clips also available on request.)

If you only have time for a few, look at these: Hospital teams up with roller derby to collect helmets for neurological patientsCoderre orders report about health of Montreal calèche horsesScientists ‘improv’ their communication skills at symposium on advanced biofuels. (Some include auto-playing videos. You’ve been warned.)

I have covered a lot of stuff as part of the Montreal Gazette’s summer internship program for reporters: press conferences indoors, press conferences outdoors, crime, construction (it is a summer internship), human interest, and some science too. It’s been awesome.

A side note on why this experience is particularly meaningful to me: this paper was my introduction to Montreal life after I decided to come to Canada for university. Now it’s my introduction to full-time, professional journalism.