The Abstract – Harvard Medical School to Close Primate Research Facility

McGill is not only a top-tier undergraduate institution, it’s also one of Canada’s largest research institutions.  A significant part of the research efforts at McGill involves research on animal subjects.  According to the McGill Daily (Of Mice and Men, April 2013), in 2011 McGill researchers used 69,894 test animals.  These animals came from an incredibly diverse set of families, genera, and species, including C. elegans, ants, mice, and songbirds, and monkeys.

Some people see a number like “69,894″ and imagine all the scientific projects and progress that those animals may have supported.  Others see that number and imagine the suffering of nearly 70 thousand animals.  This latter group often calls for an elimination of animal research. However, reducing the number of animal facilities has recently been taken up by university administrators facing budget cuts and struggling for external funding.

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