CIM Magazine Internship

Between September and November last year, when people asked me what I did, I made a lot of jokes about rocks. In all seriousness, it was an interesting three months learning about a vital Canadian industry (and a bit about rocks too) as an editorial intern for CIM Magazine. While an intern, I wrote about Greenland (actually, I wrote a lot about Greenland), as well as modelling technology, Canadian politicsuranium and general industry news.

I was particularly excited to start this internship with the magazine (affiliated with the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum). The industry is a major player in the Canadian economy—the TSX hosts 57 per cent of the world’s publicly-traded mining companies, according to the Mining Association of Canada’s 2014 fact sheet. Much of my work has been a welcome introduction to business news and to all the jargon- and number-laden press releases that beat entails. But it’s also taken me a bit closer to my science roots—which is always a plus.